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Another Milestone for CHARON-VAX

July 19, 2012 – Geneva, Switzerland – Stromasys is pleased to announce that its product CHARON-VAX has reached another remarkable milestone.

VAX, Digital’s legendary computer, measured its performance with a unit called VUPs (VAX units per second). The fastest VAX ever built by Digital, the VAX 7000 760 reached 250 VUPs.

Today, CHARON-VAX has reached another remarkable milestone – exceeding 1000 VUPs (to be precise, 1050 VUPs) performance on a host system running at 4.2GHz frequency. It makes the 6 CPU CHARON-VAX/6660 PLUS product the first system in history breaking the Thousand VUPs limit for VAX systems.

The CHARON-VAX/66x0 family supports up to 6 CPUs, 3GB RAM, over 1000 disk and tape devices.

This is another example of Stromasys’ commitment to extending its product capabilities, and improving the user satisfaction and experience for all DEC hardware users with VAX and Alpha systems.

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