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OpenVMS 8.4 Launching at
HPTF 2010 in Las Vegas!

Posted by Sujatha Ramani on Friday May 14 2010 @ 09:02AM EDT (

We all know that the HPTF, the HP Technology Forum, is a flag ship event for HP every year. It is our great pleasure to launch the much awaited OpenVMS 8.4 at HPTF 2010! We are happy to launch OpenVMS 8.4 at such a prestigious event.

Our launch in this event, will resonate well with all the solutions that hp is showcasing at HPTF for you, our customers! This year we have speaker sessions from OpenVMS engineering team and along with that we have a OpenVMS booth in the expo area. The booth area was a much wanted item by our OpenVMS customers and partners last year. To add to this, we also have the Hands on Lab sessions. The details of all the sessions from the OpenVMS business and engineering team is enlisted below. The speaker sessions, booth and Hands on lab will focus on the excellent features that we offer with OpenVMS 8.4. We will demonstrate the benefits and performance enhancements that you will get with the new Operating System along with the new hardware platforms that are being announced.

  • Servers – Integrity - Breakout Session - Launch, Strategy and Road map : With OpenVMS Your Future IS Secure - Ms. Shobha Benakatti, Mr. Prashanth KE

  • The OpenVMS Booth - This will showcase OpenVMS running as native host clustered with OpenVMS as a Guest on Kauai blades. - Mr. Arun Pandey

  • Servers – Blade System Breakout Session - OpenVMS 8.4 on Tukwila Quad core 9300 – Blazing performance - Mr. Prashanth KE

  • Application - Enterprise Applications - Breakout Session - System management on OpenVMS - Mr. Mandar Chitale

  • Hands on lab Demo - This will showcase OpenVMS running as native host clustered with OpenVMS as a Guest on Kauai blades. The systems will be monitored using HP System Management Products ( VSE Suite and OpenView). Finally there will be a demo on modernizing applications using gSOAP. - Mr. N Narayanan
    Please do not miss this opportunity to learn to modernize your environment and gain from the great benefits and performance gains that the OpenVMS 8.4 offers to your business. Register now!!! Don’t miss this for anything!
    Watch out for more updates from me on this!

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