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Do You Need SCI's Remote Managed Services?

Read why this customer is happy they have SCIís Remote Managed Services

Are you finding it difficult to find, hire, and retain qualified OpenVMS system managers?

  • Are you leery of hiring on-site Consultants to provide your system management?

    • Maybe you can find consultants to do some system management, but can you really afford them?

    • Are your consultants providing consistent, reliable, reproducible system management or are they simply reacting to the latest crisis?

    • Is the consultant really as knowledgeable as they claim?

    • Does the consultant have your best interest at heart, or, are they more interested in billing you for more hours?

Whether you are looking for supplemental support for your existing OpenVMS staff or full OpenVMS system management SCI's Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS is a consistent, reliable, permanent system management solution at a fixed price you can afford.


Unlike typical consulting engagements with their unpredictable time and material billing arrangements, SCIís Remote Managed Services is a fixed cost service allowing for predictable budgeting.

SCIís primary focus is keeping your systems up and running. While we do offer Consulting Services, it is not the primary focus of our business, so we will not be continually trying to sell you more consulting hours.

  • Your systems are very stable - do you really need a full time employee for your OpenVMS systems?

You probably do not need a full time employee looking after your systems Ė so why hire or pay for a full time employee? SCIís Remote Managed Services typically cost significantly less than a full time employee.  And SCIís services never take vacations, become ill or otherwise donít come to work. Our services are on the job for you 24x7x365!


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Are your OpenVMS systems at risk due to a lack of qualified OpenVMS system managers that can adequately support your systems at a reasonable price?

  • Is your data properly protected and recoverable in a disaster?

  • Is your system security up to current standards and requirements?

  • Is your system performing as well as it could be? Has performance been slowly degrading with no one addressing the underlying cause?

  • Is your system up-to-date with the current HP recommended critical and mandatory patches and updates?

SCI's Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS is a comprehensive proactive support solution designed to perform the day-to-day system administration requirements of sites running the OpenVMS operating system.  With our  tools and consistent management methodology keeping watch over key system resources, we are able to ensure the availability, security, recoverability and reliability of your OpenVMS systems.


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Are you using non-OpenVMS administrators to manage your mission critical OpenVMS systems and just hoping nothing serious goes wrong?

  • OpenVMS is NOT Unix, Linux or Windows. Your Windows or Unix system managers may be true expertsÖbut how deep is their knowledge of OpenVMS?

  • Your UNIX administrator may be able to perform rudimentary tasks, but what do they do when a crisis occurs? How quickly can they restore your OpenVMS services?

  • Mission critical OpenVMS systems should be managed by OpenVMS experts.

On average each of our engineers have 20+ years experience managing OpenVMS systems and most came to us from the HP OpenVMS engineering team in Nashua, NH.  They have intimate knowledge and a true understanding of how the operating system works allowing them to quickly identify and resolve issues saving you time and money. 


SCI provides its Remote Managed Services only for OpenVMS systems. We donít support other operating systems which allows us to focus solely on OpenVMS Ė we do one thing only and we do it right!


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