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Software Concepts International (SCI) has been migrating OpenVMS customers from VAX to Alpha servers for years. Naturally, since its release in January 2005, SCI has established itself as a leader in migrating OpenVMS VAX and Alpha systems to the HP Integrity platform with a proven track record of successful migrations.  (View our study of multiple, real-world, customer migrations).


With the announcement of the retirement of the Alpha line of processors, OpenVMS Alpha (and VAX) customers face the task of migrating their applications to OpenVMS Integrity or other platforms. A survey of our leading OpenVMS sites indicates that they still have a preference for OpenVMS.


Maintenance Costs. As your Alpha and VAX environment ages, maintenance costs will rise Ė new HP Integrity Server systems with HP warranties may offset the high maintenance costs of the older architectures.

Your Investment in OpenVMS. A migration to HP OpenVMS Integrity servers allows our clients to maximize their investments in their OpenVMS applications and layered products Ė most of which are available in the OpenVMS/Integrity environment as well. HP has stated that OpenVMS is a strategic product that it continues to invest in with robust roadmaps for future releases.

Confidence. VMS is VMS Ė The features, tools, reliability, availability and security that you depend on with OpenVMS VAX or Alpha also exist in OpenVMS/Integrity. Your business depends on your OpenVMS application, so why risk a total application and OS migration when you can continue to trust your business to OpenVMS?


  • The mid-range RX4640 Integrity Server with 1.6GHz Madison-9 Itanium processors has a tpmC rating of 161, 217 while the ES45 AlphaServer with 1.0GHz EV68 processors has a tpmC rating of 50,117. The Integrity server is 3 times faster!

  • On the high-end, the RX8620 with 16 1.6GHz Madison-9 Itanium processors has a tpmC rating of 332,266 while the GS320 with 32 1GHz EV6 processors has a tpmC rating of 230, 533. The Integrity server is nearly 50% faster with one half the number of processors!

  • When looking at $/tpmC, the Integrity Servers are at least 70% less than the comparable Alpha Servers!

Now, imagine how your application will run in an Integrity environment...



SCIís robust tools, proven methodology and significant experience with successful migrations allow us to migrate your database applications from VAX or Alpha to Integrity with minimum downtime. Our migration experience spans the world, from the USA to Asia and Europe. No matter where your data center is located, SCI has the experience and resources needed to ensure a smooth and successful migration.



Minimal downtime. Our proven ability to minimize downtime during the migration cutover (less than 2 hours).

Recognized experts. A single failure during the migration process could be catastrophic to your database. As leaders in the support of Oracle Rdb and Oracle CODASYL DBMS database systems, we also know what is required to successfully migrate your Rdb or DBMS based application.

Creative solutions. SCI has developed creative solutions for handling legacy functions that cannot be readily moved to the Integrity Servers (generally due to lack of source code or licensing issues).

Unique migration strategies. SCIís unique migration strategies minimize the scope of changes required during the migration between environments. SCI experts are able to reduce the time and cost of the migration while providing a more reliable solution.

Planning and preparation is the key to a successful migration. Our experts, utilizing a no-nonsense approach to migrations, have successfully developed the plans and procedures to successfully migrate several large VMS applications in less than 8 person weeks (2 persons for 4 weeks). This includes migrating the entire system (migrating all directory structures, user-accounts, system-startup process, command procedures, migrating all data [database and non-database files], rebuilding the applications but excluding program modification, creating a test environment on the new servers for customer-testing and the production cut-over).

By carefully planning the migration, SCI has performed several successful migrations requiring less than 2 hours of total downtime during the cutover.

Businesses that rely on their VMS based applications, rely on SCI for their OpenVMS Integrity migrations.

Now, stop imagining how your application will run in an Integrity environment,
and contact SCI to begin your migration TODAY!


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