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Listed below are articles written by Keith Parris for the HP OpenVMS Technical Journal

OpenVMS Technical Journal, Volume 1:

Using OpenVMS Clusters for Disaster Tolerance
This article provides a theoretical discussion of disaster tolerance and disaster recovery as well as detailed, practical guidance for planning, configuring, and managing a disaster-tolerant OpenVMS Cluster system. Disaster tolerance is contrasted with disaster recovery and generously illustrated with many real-world examples. Next, guidelines are presented for selecting appropriate technologies and tools and for selecting appropriate sites for multi-site configurations. Then, the management and monitoring tools that are available for OpenVMS disaster tolerant configurations are discussed. This article concludes with an in-depth discussion of important tasks and techniques for managing OpenVMS multi-site disaster tolerant systems and with examples that illustrate the value of OpenVMS Cluster disaster-tolerant configurations.

OpenVMS Technical Journal, Volume 2:

Local Area Network Cluster Interconnect Monitoring
Local Area Network (LAN) technology is increasingly replacing older technologies such as Computer Interconnect (CI) and Digital Storage Systems Interconnect (DSSI) as the interconnect used for communications within the majority of OpenVMS Cluster configurations. This article describes the LAVC$FAILURE_ANALYSIS tool which is supplied with OpenVMS and which can be used to monitor and troubleshoot LANs that are used as cluster interconnects.


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