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Mandatory Update Kit (MUP) for OpenVMS

On June 27, 2010 Hewlett-Packard (HP) released a Mandatory Update kit (MUP) for OpenVMS versions Alpha v7.3-2 and v8.3 and Integrity v8.3 and v8.3-1H1. This MUP corrects a potential security vulnerability that has been identified with HP OpenVMS Auditing. The vulnerability could result in a local disclosure of information. Also corrected is SHOW PROCESS/CONTINUOUS Command which can cause undesired behavior on OpenVMS I64 Systems. It is HPs recommendation that MUPs are installed by all customers.

Affected Versions:

OpenVMS ALPHA V7.3-2
OpenVMS for Integrity Servers V8.3
OpenVMS for Integrity Servers V8.3-1H1

The following MUP kits have been made available by HP to resolve the issue:

HP OpenVMS Version Platform Patch kit image
V7.3-2 Alpha VMS732_SYS_MUP-V1900
V8.3 Alpha VMS83A_SYS_MUP-V1700
i64 8.3 Integrity VMS83I_SYS_MUP-V1400
i64 8.3-1h1 Integrity VMS831H1I_SYS_MUP-V1100

SCI Remote Managed Services Customers: Your TAM has already contacted you regarding this vulnerability.

All Others: Patches are available for download at, or contact SCI for assistance in installing these patches.

Read full MUP (ITRC Login Required)



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