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Launch of OpenVMS V8.4   

Announcement From HP's web site:


For more than three decades, OpenVMS has been at the core of mission-critical IT infrastructure, providing uninterrupted access to data and applications. OpenVMS V8.4, launching June 21, continues this tradition - and delivers guest support on HP Integrity Virtual Machine, clustering over TCP/IP, and improved resiliency with six-member shadow sets for mission-critical environments.

More than 250 customers, ISV partners, and systems integrators have participated in the OpenVMS V8.4 field test, ensuring a rock solid release. What are field test customers saying about OpenVMS V8.4?

"I have been testing OpenVMS and HPVM since release XBW8 were released in June-2008. Everything works like expected. No difference when running on physical or virtual servers. OpenVMS just keeps on running with Oracle Rdb and DECforms, no changes required at all. Our goal this autumn is to replace 95% of all physical test and development systems with blade servers running HPVM to create a dynamic environment that can adapt to our needs."
      IT Manager - A large European global furniture retail company

Customers who deploy OpenVMS V8.4 will benefit from:

  • OpenVMS in a virtualized environment with OpenVMS as a guest operating system on HP Integrity VM v4.2

  • Cost-effective clustering over industry-standard TCP/IP to bring new efficiencies to cluster interconnect technology

  • Enhanced data availability and resiliency with shadowing of six-member shadow sets

  • Easier provisioning with automated installation of the operating system, license product authorization keys (PAKs), and configuration of TCP/IP on up to eight Integrity servers or blade systems simultaneously

  • Increase of supported SCSI disk volumes from 1 TB to 2 TB

  • New, streamlined operating environments to align with customer needs

OpenVMS V8.4 operates on the Integrity servers supported by OpenVMS V8.3-1H1, and the Alpha servers supported by OpenVMS V8.3. In August 2010, OpenVMS V8.4 will be available on the new Integrity blade systems with the Intel® Itanium® 9300 processor; support for other new Integrity systems will follow shortly.


For more information, please see the OpenVMS website.



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