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Installation or post-installation issues or concerns with
Field Test 8.4 of OpenVMS for Itanium.

TCPIP V5.7 – SMTP Queue Names are changed from prior version of TCPIP. Additionally there is now only one generic SMTP queue per cluster.
(This only applies if you choose to upgrade or install TCPIP as part of the Operating System upgrade to E8.4 and you have the TCPIP SMTP Service enabled.)

Following the successful upgrade of our OpenVMS Itanium Server from OpenVMS V8.2-1 to E 8.4, we discovered some unexpected additional SMTP queues running. These SMTP queues were created by the TCPIP V5.7 upgrade procedure (part of the FT 8.4 operating system upgrade).

Beginning with TCPIP V5.7, HP uses only one generic queue within the cluster. The name for this queue is, by default, “TCPIP$SMTP”. For each node in the cluster which is also running TCPIP V5.7 (and which has the SMTP service enabled), one or more SMTP execution queues exist. The name for these execution queues are developed by concatenating the string “TCPIP$SMTP_” with the node-name and a non-filled numeric suffix (beginning with 1 for the first execution queue for each node).

Therefore you may find that you have older SMTP execution queues that are stopped, even thought the SMTP service on the node where those old SMTP execution queues reside is enabled and running. On those systems where you have upgraded to TCPIP V5.7, the old generic SMTP queue and its associated execution queue(s) may be safely removed from your Queue Manager Database.

It also seems that HP has decided to change the logic behind the generic SMTP queues as of TCPIP V5.7. It used to be that each cluster member had a generic SMTP queue. The node-specific generic queue name was developed by concatenating the string “TCPIP$SMTP_” with the node-name and the string “00”. Each SMTP execution queue-name was developed by concatenating the string TCPIP$SMTP_” with the node-name and a zero-filled two digit suffix.



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