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OpenVMS and the "Heartbleed" bug

There has been much publicity lately regarding an internet security vulnerability known as “Heartbleed”. See for a good description of the problem, or, see the CVE web site for the official CVE description.

Some customers have asked if their OpenVMS systems are vulnerable to this bug. SCI offers the following guidance:

  • For customers using HP SSL for OpenVMS: The Heartbleed bug was introduced in OpenSSL V1.0.1 and the most recent version of SSL for OpenVMS is based on OpenSSL V0.9.8y and is therefore not affected.

  • For customers using Process Software Products: The following was posted to the web page: “Process Software's products including MultiNet, TCPware, PMDF, PreciseMail, VAM, and SSH-UCX are NOT vulnerable to this attack. These products do not use the versions of OpenSSL open to attack. No patches or configuration changes are required to secure any version of these products.” ()

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.


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