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HP OpenVMS engineering has released the following critical patches and updates for the OpenVMS operating system and layered products:

VMS Software Inc. Launches new Version of OpenVMS Operating System Worldwide

OpenVMS Security Advisories Issued - May 5, 2011

Mandatory Update Kit (MUP) for OpenVMS - SSRT100354

CRITICAL ALERT for Customers Using Rdb V7.1.4.1.x on OpenVMS Alpha

Mandatory Update Kit (MUP) for OpenVMS

Launch of OpenVMS V8.4

Security Advisory Issued for HP SSL for OpenVMS

Security Advisory Issued for NTP in TCP/IP V5.5, 5.6

Security Issue Reported for OpenVMS Alpha v8.3 RMS Patch Kit

Installation or post-installation issues or concerns with
Field Test 8.4 of OpenVMS for Itanium.


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