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Filling the Void When Your VMS System Manager Retires

Donít make the same mistake by waiting until your systems are down.

Challenge: Finding replacement staff trained to properly maintain and manage their business critical OpenVMS systems - the void leaving the systems vulnerable.

Solution: Faced with a system down situation and internal resources exhausted, the OpenVMS experts at Software Concepts International (SCI) were called on to assist with the restoration of their business critical OpenVMS systems.

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Looking Beyond the Symptoms
Presented to Identify Root Cause

Preventing costly downtime before it occursÖ..

Challenge: A gradual slow down in system performance was having a negative impact on output. Customerís investigation indicated that the systemís dynamic memory pool was 80% allocated, and they planned a costly shut down to allocate additional memory to restore performance levels.

Solution: As an IT partner SCI was notified that the database would be down for one hour and the VMS server would be rebooted. Intrigued by the situation SCI did some additional investigating and found the source of excessive use of Paged Pool. Armed with this new found information the system managers at the site were able to pinpoint the application and cause of the growth, correct the issue and avoid the down-time.

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